I Want To Believe

I want to believe that down 3-0 to the Bruins in the 2nd round for the second time in as many years the Flyers can turn it around again.

I want to believe that Paul Holmgren will finally come to his senses and get a real goalie in the off-season, whether it be Ilya Bryzgalov or Tomas Voukon.  Saviors they’re not but they are massive upgrades.

But I can’t do either.  This just isn’t the same team as last year, even though it’s better and deeper.  Not having Jeff Carter healthy is a big loss, not having Chris Pronger at all is an even bigger one.  If last year didn’t signal that the team needs a goaltending upgrade, and since the solution was to give Michael Leighton a contract he didn’t deserve and make a rookie from Europe the starter (and I’m in minority of Flyers fans that is not impressed with Sergei Bobrovsky), then there’s little reason to think that this year will be any different.  And the salary cap situation that Holmgren has put the team in makes it very difficult to afford either free agent goalie.  Sigh.


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