I Hear Roman Cechmanek is Available…

Hey, let’s talk goalies!  Everybody’s favorite subject!  What say you, Ed Snider?  And what say you, goalie coach Jeff Reese?

A couple of recent articles have me in a tizzy.  Yes, that’s the way I talk around here, with old man words.


Ed Snider on the goalie situation:

“It was strange, and something I never want to see again,” said Snider, adding he had a productive meeting Wednesday with general manager Paul Holmgren and Peter Luukko, president of Comcast-Spectacor.

I hope he said something like “get your act together you idiots.”

The Flyers had a 3.46 playoff goals-against average, placing them 14th out of 16 teams.

Wait.  Two teams were worse?

Told that the fan base was lamenting the need for a true No. 1 goalie for a few decades, Snider fired back, “I want one, too.”

“Also, I want a pony.”

He paused.

This should be good.  What Ed Snider wants, Ed Snider gets.

“So either one of the goalies we have has to step up in training camp, or we have to make improvements to make sure it happens.”

3 hours later…

Okay, I’ve returned from the hospital getting treated for the gaping wound on my forehead from banging my head on the desk so hard that the desk broke.  Now I have to go buy another flimsy $20 desk from IKEA as well.  The solution is to do nothing and hope it works out?  I’ve tried that many times with house chores and it doesn’t work out Ed.  I have a feeling it’s not going to work with NHL goaltenders either.

“But we are never going to go through the goalie issues we’ve gone through in the last couple of years.”

Then don’t bring back Boucher or Leighton.  Bobrovsky, fine.  But….


“Everybody develops a little bit differently,” said [Flyers goalie coach Jeff] Reese. “I thought [Bobrovsky] had a very very good first season and in my opinion, has a chance at a real bright future and to be a No. 1 down the road. It’s probably going to take two or three years to come along, but you never know, it could be next year. For now, it’s probably going to take a couple years.”

2-3 years.  I’m overjoyed.


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