Andy Reid’s Halfway House

Remember how every time the Eagles brought back Hank Baskett, we fans would think “maybe they’re actually going to throw the fade route in the end zone.”  Well, meet your new great hope for that.  The NY Daily News says the Eagles may be the landing spot for Plaxico Burress.

His reasoning is that the team has already shown it can assist an ex-convict player in turning things around, Vick can help him through the rehabilitation process in a way no one else can and that it could be a more attractive option for Burress in that there wouldn’t be as much pressure on him out of the gate like if he went to a place devoid of WRs like St. Louis or Cleveland.  All are good points, and a huge target like Burress would be ridiculous for Vick.  Man that would be a lot of talent on the field at once: Vick, Jackson, Maclin, Burress, Celek, McCoy… game plan that defensive coordinators.  But don’t tease me like that, I’d have to think that Burress would rather go somewhere he can play more.  But yes, if it happened, I would be fine with it.


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