Eagles Free Agent Debate: Offense

We took a look at the defensive side of the ball yesterday, which is most likely going to be the Eagles primary focus.  However, there are a few intriguing names that could add fuel to one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL:

REGGIE BUSH (RB, New Orleans)

Why should they sign him:
Bush is the only the second most disgraced running back in USC history.  However, he fits the Eagles’ West Coast offensive scheme quite well.  Bush is an excellent pass catching RB, and a quick, agile runner.  He could also be used as a primary punt returner, giving DeSean Jackson a little bit of a breather (except against the Giants for psychological reasons).

Why shouldn’t they sign him:
There is simply not enough room on the roster as it currently stands.  Shady McCoy is entrenched as the starter, and is a much better running back.  With Leonard Weaver and Dion Lewis slated to back up McCoy, where exactly would Bush fit in?  Also, recently signed undrafted free agent Noel Devine is a very similar style of player, and that decreases the chances the Eagles make a run at Reggie.

Will they sign him:
Unless the Eagles can justify having a gaggle of RBs on their roster – which seems unlikely – Bush won’t be an Eagle.

PLAXICO BURRESS (WR, New York Giants/Oneida Correctional Facility)

Why should they sign him:
While the Eagles current corps of WRs are productive and explosive, they are small in stature.   Burress would give them an instant upgrade in terms of size.   He would provide a tall target in the red zone, a place that Eagles offenses have struggled in for years now.  His situation almost mirrors Vick and his decision to sign in Philly:  recently released from prison, trying to latch on to an organization where there will not be a lot of pressure to be a major contributor right away.  Put Burress on your depth chart as the 4th or 5th WR, use him almost exclusively in goal line situations to start the season, and go from there as he works his way into playing shape.

Why shouldn’t they sign him:
He’s 33 years old, and has been away from the game for two years.  Vick also missed two years, but he was younger and could afford to lose some athleticism.  Also, Burress has been talking to the Giants about a possible return.

Will they sign him:
For the Eagles, wide receiver is not anywhere near the top of their needs list.  It seems more likely that Burress will land somewhere else.

VINCE YOUNG (QB, Tennessee)

Why should they sign him:
Young would instantly be a top NFL backup – a mobile lefty to back up another mobile lefty.  Despite his personal issues, he can still be a good player, and had a pretty good season last year until the wheels fell off.   Andy Reid has shown a willingness to rehab a guy’s demons, and he’s resurrected both Vick and Jeff Garcia’s careers.

Why shouldn’t they sign him:
His aforementioned personal problems?  Lack of work ethic and immaturity.  If Haynesworth is in play, having the both of them would be quite a handful.  Young is likely not looking to be riding the bench, and will more than likely be seeking a starting gig.

Will they sign him:
He makes sense on a lot of levels if Kevin Kolb is in fact headed elsewhere.  If Young is unable to find a starting job on another team, the Eagles might take a chance on him.  However, count on Young landing somewhere else where he can compete for a starting job in the preseason.


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