Week 3, Giants at Eagles: Walk the Walk Without a Fake Limp

Deon Grant was asked by reporters why he faked an injury against the Rams. His response was to show them the swelling on his knee as proof he was really hurt.

He showed them the wrong leg, illustrating that it’s always easier to tell the truth because you don’t have to remember what you said or did.

Osi Umenyiora spent the off-season and training camp complaining about his contract. This prompted Shady McCoy to call him overrated and soft, which you can do when you’re on a 6 game winning streak against his team, with the last one being an all-time great game. Osi responded by saying “she can say whatever she wants” and calling McCoy a “Chihuahua” and “Lady Gaga” which is apparently what the entire Giants defense calls Shady. I suspect McCoy has been called worse. Lady Gaga by the way has larger balls than Osi Umenyiora.

By the way, Osi is out for Sunday’s game, listed with a knee injury but the reality is he has a broken vagina. What a pity.

Antrel Rolle said he will have no problem covering DeSean Jackson.

You might play on punt coverage then Antrelle.

Steve Smith signed with the Eagles after he felt disrespected by the Giants, which Tom Coughlin couldn’t understand in large part because Tom Coughlin is a cold, soulless authoritarian who is a holocaust denier, a 9/11 truther and is a member of the Tea Party. I’ll let you decide which is worse.

Ah, there’s blood in the air. It must be time for another Giants vs Eagles game.

Beating the Giants is so much fun they made a movie about it.

This game should be fun and frustrating. The Giants can’t run the ball, 18th in the league in rushing with 97 yards per game, and 24th in the league in yards per carry, at 3.3. Those numbers will go up as they face the woeful Eagles run defense, which is 30th in yards and yards per carry. So expect highs and lows there. But that’s only part of it. The Eagles pass defense is 5th in yards, 2nd in sacks, 9th in adjusted yards per attempt and 6th in competition percentage.  And look who is coming to town: Eli Manning!

Eli Manning has been Jekyll and Hyde against the Eagles, putting up either an excellent statistical performance of multiple TDs and at most 1 interception, or games where his passer rating is in the 50s as he turns the ball over multiple times. Of course, he’s lost 6 straight against the Eagles. Good Eli could win this game for the Giants, Bad Eli will lose it for them.

Overlooked in the McCoy and Jackson trash talking by the Giants is Jeremy Maclin, who in 3 games against the Giants has 20 catches for 226 yards and 3 TDs, or 7 catches for 75 yards and a TD per game. In his last four games against the Giants, Brent Celek has caught a TD in three of them. The Giants 24th ranked pass defense might have it’s hands full covering all these guys.

But you can throw a lot of stats and trends out of the window when it comes to divisional games, they’re always a little different. Plus, it’s a new season, what happened last year doesn’t have much bearing on this year. But what does have bearing on this year is that through 2 games, the Eagles and Giants have already had a common opponent, the St. Louis Rams.

The Eagles struggled at first but eventually controlled the game, containing Sam Bradford. On the other hand, in order for the Giants to stop the mediocre-at-best St. Louis offense, New York had to resort to tactics so unsportsmanlike that the league had to publicly tell them to knock it off. The Eagles offense didn’t look great, but it got the job done. The Giants offense was so inept that their fans booed them.

The Giants have done a lot of talking leading up to this game. Too bad they won’t to a lot of walking.

Eagles 24, Giants 21


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