Danny Watkins To Start, Other Deck Chairs Re-Shuffled

Danny Watkins will get the start over Kyle DeVan on Sunday against the Bills. It’s unlikely that Watkins, the 26 year old rookie who has only been playing football for 4 years magically got better since the season started. He only dressed for one game. Improved his play and gained some confidence in practice, sure. Clear cut starter, doubtful. But this is a guy that was benched in favor of a guy off waivers. Although when it’s put that way, it shouldn’t be too difficult to beat that guy out. Kyle DeVan has not been good, but neither has Evan Mathis or Jason Kelce. Todd Herremans has been good, and Jason Peters as returned to his usual “good for 75% of the game” level of play. The Eagles constantly roll Vick out, almost exclusively when he is under center. Against the 49ers, DeVan gave up the only two sacks the 49ers had. The first one though, I can not blame him on, this one is on the coaching staff.

Here’s the play:

The 49ers are giving the Eagles a taste of their own medicine, as DE Aldon Smith on the left and OLB Ahmad Brooks on the right are in the Wide 9. Brent Celek has motioned across the backfield and back. At the snap of the ball, Celek will block Brooks. LT Jason Peters, LG Evan Mathis and C Jason Kelce will down block to the right. Mathis does a good job of blocking DE Justin Smith, who is lined up as the LDT. Peters will block nobody then help out Mathis after the fact. Kelce and Herremans, down blocking to the right, double team DT Ray McDonald. Kyle DeVan swings out to the left to block Aldon Smith. Again, Aldon Smith is on the left in a 2 point stance. Kyle DeVan is the right guard. Yes, this gets ugly:

The interior linemen are contained. Ahmad Brooks is bearing down quickly on Celek. Celek’s improved his blocking, but Brooks has the advantage since he’s barreling down on Celek, who has to change his direction. Aldon Smith is left completely alone to be blocked by a pulling guard on a pass play. On a run, this can work. The DE can be too focused on him and won’t see the pulling guard until it’s too late. But this isn’t a running play.

What do you think happens when an offensive lineman that got put on waivers faces a first round draft pick DE in open space?

Your quarterback gets sacked.


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