2011 Eagles In A Nutshell

2:15 to go in the 2nd quarter, third down and 5. Yeah, we’re looking at this play again, because it’s revealing and revolting. The Bills have all three timeouts, and even if they didn’t, they have the 2 minute warning. The middle of the field is still an option for them because the clock is not their enemy. The Eagles have called timeout, allowing Juan Castillo to instruct and coach his defense face to face. You know it’s going to be okay because Juan has worked very hard, implying that other coaches do not.

"So... you guys got any ideas? Because I don't."

We’re at the point where whatever the worst possible defense is for any given situation, you can pretty much bank on Castillo calling it. In 2010, Ryan Fitzpatrick was the 4th leading rusher among QBs. His 6.73 yards per carry was only 0.03 ypc behind league leader Michael Vick. Fitzpatrick was only 10th in the league in rushing attempts, so he didn’t scramble or run much, but when he did he was highly effective. So it’s third down, the clock isn’t a worry for the Bills and they have an effective runner at QB. You have to be alert for a slant, for a dig, for an in route and for Fitzpatrick scrambling. What do the Eagles do?

Leave the middle of the field wide open.

Is it really too much to have the DTs lined up normally?

Love that strict adherence to the Wide 9. I have to wonder if having only 3 down linemen and 2 linebackers has ever been a consideration for the Eagles coaching staff. Fitzpatrick started off in shotgun but seeing that there wasn’t anyone lined up between his guards and nobody inside the hash marks, he moved to under center.

Run to daylight? More like run into the sun with this defense.

Then of course he ran it right up the middle for a ten yard gain. It would have been more but Nnamdi Asomugha managed to trip him up. Thankfully he was once again misused and playing in zone!


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