This Week’s Must Win Game of the Year

It’s very short and simple: if Andy Reid’s job is in jeopardy–and it should be–then this week is a must win game. The Eagles have to win against division leading Washington and heading into the bye week. If you think the vultures are circling now, it’ll be ten fold if they’re 1-5, 0-2 in the division and have two weeks to hear about it. And not just win, but win convincingly. Juan Castillo is going to have to show some sign that he is able to correct the mistakes that have plaguing his defense. The offensive playmakers can not fumble. And Reid has to stop with stupid play calls in key situations. Both the process and the outcome have to change. So let’s assume for a minute those things happen. That the WRs stop carrying the ball like a loaf of bread, that Vick stops coughing the ball up, that Shady McCoy gets more than 12 touches, that one of the worst run defenses in the league doesn’t make the Redskins mediocre rushing attack look great, that they stop missing tackles left and right, that the defense gets some turnovers… that they actually play good football for 60 minutes and win. That’s obviously great and a sign that yes, this team can turn it around. But there’s a hitch:

They’ll have to do it again the following game, or it’s all for nothing. And then again the following game. And again, and again and again until they have dug themselves out of a 1-4 hole. So the best case scenario of this week’s must win game of the year is that it sets up the next game to be a the must win game of the year.

It’s only October.


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