The Eagles’ Season Over. Is This the End of the Andy Reid Era?

3-5. Barring a miraculous 8 game winning streak, the Eagles aren’t making the playoffs. There’s plenty of blame to go around. The defense is a mess, both in coaching and talent. The offense is inconsistent at best and can’t find its rhythm. The whole team is a trainwreck. This season began with the highest of expectations and has resulted in the worst season since 1998. And that all falls on the shoulders of Andy Reid. I have steadfastly defended Reid over the years, but now I find myself asking once again this season, is it time for him to go?

Yes Andy, it is on you.

As I said after the 49ers debacle, yes you can blame the players, and they certainly deserve some of it, but this really is on Reid. It’s a laundry list of faults that all point to him.

-The defense. The egregious problems that plague this defense resurfaced after a week off. Last night was proof positive that wholesale changes need to be made. The Bears abused the Wide 9, taking repeated advantage of the enormous gap on the field between Jason Babin and the DT next to him, then running the ball right past them and at the worst tackler on the team, Asante Samuel.

-Speaking of the Wide 9, the Bears of all teams completely dominated the line of scrimmage in the passing game. To not lay a hand on Jay Cutler is simply inexcusable. And with no pressure from the pass rush, any QB can pick apart any secondary. And Jay Cutler is a pretty good QB.

-It didn’t help any that Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, best suited for man coverage, were consistently dropped into zone coverage.

-The offense continues to not get the job done in the 2nd half. 24 points in the 4th quarter all season. The blown 2nd half leads are in part to blame on the offense for failing to score in the second half at all.

-LeSean McCoy wasn’t slashing the Bears defense like he was the Cowboys, but he was making plays. With the passing game struggling, giving the ball to McCoy was the obvious thing to do. Instead he carried the ball only 16 times.

-Once again the team came out flat. The defense, which has played one good game all year, was admittedly complacent.

Again, this all falls on Reid, and he’ll be the first to tell you that. The personnel decisions and coaching decisions were his. The playoffs are no longer a possibility, the only things left to play for are pride and jobs. At the end of the season I have no doubt Reid will say he has the former, but will he have the latter?


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