BBQ, Elephants and Pandas, Oh My

So it’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged. The Eagles were quite the enthusiasm killer. But one of my half-assed New Year’s Resolutions was to blog more, more diversly and better, and well this is a step in the former two’s direction. So the plan is some more blogging about life, not just sports. It helps to have a new partner on the journey. The other day I took in a couple of local treats here in Atlanta: delicious food and PANDAS…

First, the food, which is pretty damn good here in Atlanta. I love a good pulled pork or brisket sandwich, and I think my BBQ world has forever changed after my latest outing. At DBA BBQ, a pretty good place to grab a bite, they have The Archie Bunker. It’s a pulled pork sandwich topped with mac and cheese, and you can add bacon to it if you’d like. And you bet I’d like to. The bread was perfectly grilled and fries were a fitting side dish, although I was tempted to get more mac and cheese on the side. Take a look for yourself:

You can't taste the bigotry!

Now that is how you start an afternoon off. I’m not sure I can have a normal pulled pork sandwich again.

With the rare Friday off and the weather cooperating, the next stop was Zoo Atlanta, where they have Pandas. And lots of other animals having fun. There are two tiger cubs who were very playful, but since they are behind glass getting a clear photo of them in action is pretty tough. There was however, an elephant showing off:

They gave some of the animals old Christmas trees to play with. The rhino really enjoyed his:

He was just tossing it around. Because a rhino can treat a tree as a toy.

Usually Rhinos are pretty inactive, so to see this guy running around having fun was pretty cool. Of course another great way to make the animals do (productive) stuff is to feed them, and this guy was digging into an orange when I came upon him:

Gorillas have always been scurvy free.

There was also a baby gorilla being taken for a ride:

Cue up Edgar Winter Group!

But of course, the main reason you go to Zoo Atlanta: the pandas. In particular, the new guy Po. There is hopefully another one on the way. Po was napping on a sack on a storm drain. It’s like he comes with his very own carrying case.

It took quite the effort for me to not jump down there with him.

He took his sweet time getting up from the little fox hole he was in to get some food, as it was feeding time for the pandas too:


When Po finally did climb up, he headed straight to the water fountain:

Oh, so thirsty.

What a rough life.


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