Asante Samuel Is Pretty Good

Of course, you knew that already. But how good? According to Football Outsiders, Samuel is once again one of the best cornerbacks in the league, just as he was two years ago:

The flipside to Finnegan’s inconsistency would be Asante Samuel’s consistency. Samuel ranked first in both yards per pass and Success Rate in 2010, then third in both for 2011.

He was also 2nd in yards after the catch in 2011, he was 3rd in 2010. 3rd in all those categories is a fitting ranking for Samuel, since that’s likely what he’ll be traded for should the Eagles foolishly decide to part ways with their best defender and one of the leaders in the locker room. Of course, they’ll just trade down from that pick anyway like they did in 2011, 2010 and 2009, so what does it matter what they get in return. At the end of the day they won’t have Samuel, and they won’t be a better team for it.

So when Samuel is traded and the pass defense is struggling this season, you’ll know why. And it actually won’t be Juan Castillo’s fault.


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