Month: April 2012

STFU Marty

When Danny Briere scored the game winner yesterday, Martin Brodeur did what he always does: whined about it to the refs. Anytime there’s any kind of traffic in front, Brodeur is going to bitch about it. Let’s not forget he got the league to change the rules of the game in the middle of the season because Sean Avery was trolling him. Marty, there’s a huge difference between interference and screening. If you’re outside the crease like JVR was, it’s not a penalty. Even children know that.



This is not new territory for Marty. This clip is classic Brodeur whining and some of the worst homerism you’ll ever hear, as Chico Resche admits he wasn’t watching the play but automatically believes that Brodeur is in the right, because he wants to have Brodeur’s babies. Unfortunately for Chico, he’s third in line behind Brodeur’s wife and Brodeur’s wife’s sister.



Cry me a river Marty.


Post-Draft Thoughts

Draft grades are dumb. We have no idea what is going to happen next, and you’re really splitting hairs giving one team a B- and another a B. The best you can do is judge whether or not a team addressed the needs it has, were any of their picks reaches, did they get good value and decide that they did a good job or a bad job. In those respects, the Eagles did a really good job. GM Howie Roseman and his staff needed to do much better, and knew it. I questioned if they had the ability to properly recognize and address their previous faults. I’m not about to hop on the bandwagon today, but I feel much better about the job they’re doing today than I did on Wednesday. The past two years they’ve reached (Danny Watkins, Jaiquan Jarrett) and they’ve not taken the best player on the board (Brandon Graham over Earl Thomas) and it’s burned them. But not this year.


Dumb Trade Is Dumb

Well, we knew it would happen, just not this spectacularly bad. Asante Samuel for a 7th round pick. The Eagles are a significantly weaker team today, and that is dumb.

Even dumber, the reasons the Eagles dealt him. You know them all:

-Because he doesn’t fit the system. Dumb. The system is one implemented by the disaster of a defense coordinator, Juan Castillo. A real DC would have no issue adjusting his scheme to Samuel and Nnamdi Asomugha. So what if one plays off man and the other plays press man? Plays do not have to be drawn symmetrical. Anyone who thinks otherwise is disagreeing with Bill Walsh. I find it a good rule of thumb to agree with Bill Walsh.

-They’re clearing salary. Dumb. They already had over $10 million in cap space available before the trade. They need to re-sign Shady McCoy and they’ll need money for signing draft picks, but the $8.5M they will save this year (after dead money) gives them $19 million. Everyone knows they are not going to use that money, unless Shady gets some ridiculously stupid contract. There were other ways.

-He was a malcontent. Dumb. Any attitude problems the Eagles had with Samuel were created by the Eagles when they signed Asomugha and decided that Samuel, despite being a top CB, was a spare part. Asante did everything they asked of him and was a leader in the lockerroom, and they needlessly kicked him to the curb. He deserved better than that.

Just as bad, the criticism of Samuel for killing his trade value with his contract negotiations. Dumb. He’s being treated like a piece of meat by his current employers and his new ones want to pay him substantially less even though his performance hasn’t dropped. What would you do if you were in shoes? Gleefully accept it all? No you wouldn’t.

There is nothing about this dumb trade that isn’t dumb.

Best Playoff Preview Ever

A lot of people were picking the Penguins to win the Stanley Cup this year. Okay, I can get that, even though they went 2-3-1 against the Flyers in the regular season, with one of those wins being the meaningless season finale. But this article by Penguins homer Dejan Kovacevic is the ultamite in hackery. This man is a professional “journalist.”

It`s been three years since Marc-Andre Fleury slid across to stone Nicklas Lidstrom and Sidney Crosby raised the Stanley Cup on that joyous June 12, 2009, at Joe Louis Arena.

Three long, lousy years.

Everyone around town has been sharing their first-round predictions in recent days. Here`s mine: These Penguins are going to win the Stanley Cup.

And when they do, few of us will even remember how they took out the Flyers.

How’d that work out? And I thought Philly writers were awful. Here’s my favorite part:


OK, we`ll see on this one. Suffice it to say facing the Flyers first should help.


Of the current top performers at the game`s most important position, Fleury is the only one with a ring. That counts.


Now, dump the Flyers in five or six and get on with it. There`s bigger business at hand.

Tee times.

Kovacevic’s such a hack that five days later he wrote this. What a clown.

The Eagles Cognitive Dissonance

After the disastrous 2011 season, Jeffrey Lurie had his big press conference and talked about how the team needed to change things, and then the team made no actual changes. Now it’s Howie Roseman’s turn to talk about showing himself the light despite not knowing where it is:

Roseman said the Eagles have examined everything about the way they’ve drafted in recent years, both the positives and the negatives, and looked at other teams to see what’s worked for them.

He said the Eagles won’t make the mistake of drafting for need anymore, resisting the temptation to take a player at a position where they’re weak and making sure they simply take the best player available. He said they’ll also place less emphasis on the Combine and personal workouts, focusing instead on game film.

No doubt the Eagles need to do a better job drafting. But suddenly the front office that hasn’t done anything in the draft for two years is going to turn it around all on their own? What, was Ryan Gigson holding them back? Either you have it or you don’t, and the current Eagles front office has not shown it has it.

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

The NFL Draft is approaching, and draftnicks everywhere are finalizing their 100+ player deep draft lists. Baseball has started and some teams have started off red hot, others not so much and fans around the country are overreacting to a week of play. The NBA regular season is winding down as teams fight for seeds, as if it makes a difference if the Sixers play the Heat or the Bulls in the first round anyway. Mitt Romney goes on the campaign trail to get as many people who debated him 15 times over the past year and a half as possible to join his side. Lazy people fret about getting their taxes in on time after having months to do so. Early April is a busy month. When you take a vacation you suddenly remember something very important:

None of this matters.

There are few reset buttons in life better than sitting on a beach for a weekend. And what a weekend it was. (more…)

Good vs Evil

It’s not often the Flyers get the entire league behind them. It’s really only happened once before, and it wasn’t because of the Flyers but because of their universally despised opponent. Supremely talented and supremely hateable, that opponent was a team you couldn’t avoid but never liked. It was up to the Flyers to defeat The Evil Ones. It happened in 1976, when the Flyers were the league’s, the nation’s… the free world‘s last chance to defeat the evil USSR hockey team. And it’s happening again, against a force more evil than that: