Best Playoff Preview Ever

A lot of people were picking the Penguins to win the Stanley Cup this year. Okay, I can get that, even though they went 2-3-1 against the Flyers in the regular season, with one of those wins being the meaningless season finale. But this article by Penguins homer Dejan Kovacevic is the ultamite in hackery. This man is a professional “journalist.”

It`s been three years since Marc-Andre Fleury slid across to stone Nicklas Lidstrom and Sidney Crosby raised the Stanley Cup on that joyous June 12, 2009, at Joe Louis Arena.

Three long, lousy years.

Everyone around town has been sharing their first-round predictions in recent days. Here`s mine: These Penguins are going to win the Stanley Cup.

And when they do, few of us will even remember how they took out the Flyers.

How’d that work out? And I thought Philly writers were awful. Here’s my favorite part:


OK, we`ll see on this one. Suffice it to say facing the Flyers first should help.


Of the current top performers at the game`s most important position, Fleury is the only one with a ring. That counts.


Now, dump the Flyers in five or six and get on with it. There`s bigger business at hand.

Tee times.

Kovacevic’s such a hack that five days later he wrote this. What a clown.


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  1. One of the best parts about starting a website on WordPress is that I now read what other users write about Philly sports instead of subjecting myself to or to a lesser extent The WordPress writers seem to have objective brains in their heads. So happy to see the Pengos out. I’m so proud of the Flyers right now, I’m giddy.

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