Dumb Trade Is Dumb

Well, we knew it would happen, just not this spectacularly bad. Asante Samuel for a 7th round pick. The Eagles are a significantly weaker team today, and that is dumb.

Even dumber, the reasons the Eagles dealt him. You know them all:

-Because he doesn’t fit the system. Dumb. The system is one implemented by the disaster of a defense coordinator, Juan Castillo. A real DC would have no issue adjusting his scheme to Samuel and Nnamdi Asomugha. So what if one plays off man and the other plays press man? Plays do not have to be drawn symmetrical. Anyone who thinks otherwise is disagreeing with Bill Walsh. I find it a good rule of thumb to agree with Bill Walsh.

-They’re clearing salary. Dumb. They already had over $10 million in cap space available before the trade. They need to re-sign Shady McCoy and they’ll need money for signing draft picks, but the $8.5M they will save this year (after dead money) gives them $19 million. Everyone knows they are not going to use that money, unless Shady gets some ridiculously stupid contract. There were other ways.

-He was a malcontent. Dumb. Any attitude problems the Eagles had with Samuel were created by the Eagles when they signed Asomugha and decided that Samuel, despite being a top CB, was a spare part. Asante did everything they asked of him and was a leader in the lockerroom, and they needlessly kicked him to the curb. He deserved better than that.

Just as bad, the criticism of Samuel for killing his trade value with his contract negotiations. Dumb. He’s being treated like a piece of meat by his current employers and his new ones want to pay him substantially less even though his performance hasn’t dropped. What would you do if you were in shoes? Gleefully accept it all? No you wouldn’t.

There is nothing about this dumb trade that isn’t dumb.


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