STFU Marty

When Danny Briere scored the game winner yesterday, Martin Brodeur did what he always does: whined about it to the refs. Anytime there’s any kind of traffic in front, Brodeur is going to bitch about it. Let’s not forget he got the league to change the rules of the game in the middle of the season because Sean Avery was trolling him. Marty, there’s a huge difference between interference and screening. If you’re outside the crease like JVR was, it’s not a penalty. Even children know that.



This is not new territory for Marty. This clip is classic Brodeur whining and some of the worst homerism you’ll ever hear, as Chico Resche admits he wasn’t watching the play but automatically believes that Brodeur is in the right, because he wants to have Brodeur’s babies. Unfortunately for Chico, he’s third in line behind Brodeur’s wife and Brodeur’s wife’s sister.



Cry me a river Marty.


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