Month: May 2012

What to make of Timothy Chandler

When New Jersey born and raised (’til he was 14) Giuseppe Rossi turned down a spot on the US team so he could play for Italy (where his parents were born and he moved to when he was 14) he was labeled a traitor. It was stupid and illogical, Rossi clearly was never going to play for America. He turned Bruce Arena down for a World Cup spot in 2006 and had played for the Azzurri at every youth level. Poetically it was against the US in the Confederations Cup that he made his competitive international debut, permanently tying him to Italy. To the dismay of every American fan, he scored two goals and put the US into a corner in the tournament. But hating Rossi for his decision was a waste of time, he was always aiming to play for Italy.

Also apparently a waste of time has been Timothy Chandler’s appearance in a USMNT kit. (more…)



I can’t even bring myself to rant. Losing to the Devils, an inferior team all season long and going out that pathetically effortless was such a gut punch I can’t form the words. Everyone’s to blame. Claude Giroux was god on skates against Pittsburgh, then he vanished like a ghost against the Devils. Ilya Bryzgalov completely shit the bed, meanwhile his replacement in Phoenix is making a great case for the Conn Smythe. Matt Carle can fall off the face off the earth as far as I’m concerned. Danny Briere’s offense came in spurts while his defense was consistently awful. Scott Hartnell barely showed up. Peter Laviolette got out-coached. Jaromir Jagr looked like a retiree. Wayne Simmonds and Max Talbot were invisible. The list could on. It was, in a word, embarrassing.

And now we have a whole off-season to see what stupid moves Paul Holmgren makes again this year on his own and what moves Ed Snider forces him to make. It should be interesting at the least.