Month: August 2012

Pre-Season Week One: 5 Thoughts

Pre-season games matter very little, but there are still a few things you can take away from the game against the Steelers. Except this play:

Hey that’s Kurt Coleman’s job!

Hard work does not pay off. I have always said that process is more important than outcomes, so I focus a little more process than outcomes. You’re not going to a shut a team out, you’re not going to win every game. We all know you can play well and lose, you have to accept that as a fan. But unfortunately the flawed processes of last year’s defense were once again on display last night. The lack of communication by LBs and DBs (aka players not coached by Jim Washburn) was apparent, leading to a total gimmie of a TD when the 1s were on the field. It’s the pre-season, so giving up a TD isn’t a big deal. Letting players waltz right by you again is. Juan Castillo is somehow going to have work even harder to fix this. I hope he qualifies for OT.



The Pre-Season is Useless

The Pre-season starts tonight (well actually it started on Sunday) and while yes it’s nice to have football again, these games will not tell you anything. Every year we see guys having nice camps/pre-season games and get cut. The year the Lions went 0-16, they were 4-0 in the pre-season. Schemes are vanilla, starters play less than a half a game, almost half the rosters you see tonight will be cut by the end of camp. But don’t take my word for it. Take a NFL head coach’s.

All you need to know about the uselessness of pre-season (from a fan’s perspective) you can learn in one scene from Hard Knocks with the Cincinnati Bengals. During a game, Marvin Lewis tells his offensive co-ordinator that he wants the next three plays to be runs that have the tight end and fullback block. This will give Lewis and the Bengals useful information on how guys on the bubble performed, but fans have no idea that was happening. A fan might even be annoyed they ran it on third and long. But the down and distance didn’t matter to Lewis, he wanted certain guys to get reps doing a certain thing. And that’s why you can’t take much of anything from these games: teams aren’t playing to win, they’re playing to evaluate.

So read into pre-season performances at your own risk. Or do I need to remind you of Na Brown?