Eagles at Cardinals: Things Fall Apart

All the hope, all the optimism, all the reasons you had to believe that the Eagles had turned the corner, that they were on track, that they were a “legit” team was shown to be false. Even Merrill Reese hated it.

Nothing went right. Nothing. It was more of the same from last year and the first two games from this year. Hate to say I told you so.

Michael Vick again played like crap. Bad reads, bad throws, bad decisions, bad turnovers. The secondary, which wasn’t tested against stiff competition against Cleveland and Baltimore, was a coaching disaster. Against a talented group of receivers they gave up 9.25 yards per attempt. And no, it wasn’t just Fitzgerald doing all the damage, the rest of the Cardinals had 108 yards on 8 catches, Fitzgerald had 114 on 9. The worst defense in the league in that category, the Giants, gives up 9.3 Y/A, the Eagles gave up 9.3 to Kevin Kolb. Larry Fitzgerald had his way with the Eagles, again. Nnamdi Asomugha, for all his faults as an Eagle, played pretty well against him last year. But no, let’s put a rookie on him. Let’s rotate guys on him that haven’t proven effective against one of the best WRs in the league. Todd Bowles, unsurprisingly, is not the savior. This Tim McManus article (which shockingly I read without a retweet from Sheil Kapuda) puts the rotation over Fitzgerald on his feet, and not once mentions Juan Castillo. I don’t think that’s an overlook due to of bad writing. The run/pass balance we saw against Baltimore was a mirage, even Shady McCoy is frustrated. Again, the defensive line was the strongest unit, but still an underwhelming performance.

Everything went wrong at the same time. Sounds like last year! Awesome.


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