Demetress Bell Could Use Some Help

I was looking at some 3rd downs on and noticed a particularly bad play by Bell:

Pre-snap 1. Pittsburgh comes out with what the Packers have popularized as the “psycho package,” one down linemen, in this case #96 Ziggy Hood, and a whole bunch of guys just standing around. Green Bay didn’t invent it, they just made the term popular. It’s pretty confusing for the offense, and of course that’s the point. As you can see, Danny Watkins is confused (as always) and Demetress Bell is too. Evan Mathis is pointing out someone to Demetress Bell. It appears to be either #94 Lawrence Timmons, who walking to the left, or #92 James Harrison, who is walking to the right. Behind them is #28 Cortez Allen. The angle of Mathis’ arm indicates it is not #99 Brett Keisel. Meanwhile Dallas Reynolds and Watkins confer, and Todd Herremans listens in. Over Herremans is #93 Jason Worilds and behind him #50 Larry Foote. Confusion is obviously setting in, no one knows quite who to block.

Pre-snap 2. Now everyone’s moved around. Whether it was Timmons or Harrison that was being pointed out, both are now to the right of Mathis. Foote has started moving over to the left and Worilds has moved to the right. Any assignments given have now flip flopped.

Pre-snap 3. Everyone is set. Celek will offer no help as he is running a route on this play, so Bell and Havili have up to 3 potential rushers to block. If it’s three, then Celek has a free release (I’ve cropped these photos for space reasons, but the safeties are so far back, 15 yards, that they aren’t in the uncropped coach’s tape), if it’s two it should be fairly straight forward. There’s a hat on a hat from Mathis to Herremans, so Bell needs to take the nearest man, which is either Keisel or, if he rushes, Allen. But chances are Allen is going with Celek, so Bell should be keyed on Keisel and leave Foot, who is furthest away from Vick, to Havili.

Post snap. Oops. Bell tried to block Foote.

Man I miss Jason Peters.


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