Month: December 2012

Thanks But No Thanks

I’m not sure who I want to be the next Eagles coach. There’s some good candidates out there with track records. And then there are the coaches who have none, but because they’ve had one good year the media suddenly thinks they are head coach material, because the media is dumb.

Give it to this guy. At least clock management will improve.

These are the coaches I don’t want.

Retreads. I have and will always be against hiring a failed coach. Sure, there are some success stories: Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin, Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden and Dick Vermeil all won Super Bowls at their second stop. But that’s it, only 5 guys have done it, possibly 6 if the Broncos, Seahawks or Redskins win the Super Bowl this year. It’s a really short list. And other than Belichick (and if he were to win, Pete Carroll) they all had significant success in their first stop. So if you’re going to hire a retread, make sure it’s a really really good one. Which narrows it down to two names, neither one of which is appealing or realistic. Bill Cowher‘s name is always thrown into the ring, but he was Andy Reid before Andy Reid and his ultra conservative ways would leave him behind today. And he really seems to enjoy retirement. Jon Gruden is an even worse fit, he never won a playoff game since winning the Super Bowl with Dungy’s team and he’s absolutely terrible at developing players. Horrific at it. The only offensive player that was drafted and developed under Gruden that has gone to a Pro Bowl is Davin Joseph. Gruden works great with veteran teams, he would be a good fit for the Cowboys, a terrible fit for the Eagles. Just say no to Gruden. Ultimately it’s irrelevant, Lurie is not hiring a retread.

For anyone: player, coach, GM, I need to see them do it two years in a row before I am sold. Anyone can have a good year, and anyone can have a bad year too. Two good years in a row is all I ask. These coaches don’t have it. None of them are impressive in the criteria listed above. They’ve generally had one good year and before that nothing noteworthy, or their past is being seriously over looked.