Month: July 2013

Homework Assignment

Training camp has started and that has me excited for football, and motivated to write about it. I’ve got some things in the hopper but for now I wanted to share with you some things I’ve been reading.

Football Scouting Methods – Steve Belichick

A good team succeeds on the field by making up for its weaknesses on the field in other areas. A good team makes up for its weaknesses off the field in other areas too. For the past few years, the Patriots have made up for their poor drafting through coaching and scouting, and that all comes from Bill Belichick. Bill got his scouting knowledge from his dad Steve, who was a long time scout for Navy and wrote this book in 1963. While some of the specifics are outdated, such as single wing formations and defensive guards, much of it is still relevant. Books on scouting are far and few between to begin with, to get a literal how to manual from one of Bill Belichick’s biggest influences is a godsend. At $3 it’s an absolute steal.

The Tao of Chip Kelly – Mark Saltveit

I’ll have a full review later but in short, this is a must read whether you are all in on Chip Kelly or on the fence about him. Saltveit is a contributor at Fish Duck and his book is a compilation of Chip Kelly quotes and demonstrations of how his actions match his words. Oregon was one of my “must watch” teams on Saturdays for the past few years and thought I had read quite a bit on Kelly, but now I feel completely versed in his ways. I wanted Chip Kelly to replace Andy Reid since the middle of the 2012 season, and now I’m even more on board with Kelly.

With the Eagles moving towards a 3-4 defense, I wanted to learn more about it. In particular, I wanted to learn about it from coaches to better understand their mindset and communication. I found these were very helpful:

2005 Ravens 34 Defense Clinic Presentation – Mike Pettine

I like Mike Pettine a lot and wished the Eagles had made him their DC. This is the power point of his presentation for the Frank Glazier Clinic while he was the OLB coach for the Ravens. There’s a lot of slides that are just plays, after all it’s the power point to go along with Pettine speaking. If you like Xs and Os, you’ll enjoy this and learn a few things about how a coach thinks.

3-4 LB Play – Al Groh

Groh’s been coaching defense since the Nixon administration, and has been the LB coach for Bill Parcells twice (including the 1990 SB winner) and for Bill Belichick. He’s not the greatest defensive coach (Georgia Tech fans might say he’s the worst) but he knows his stuff and this is his Nike Coach of the Year Clinic presentation from an unknown date, probably when he was HC at Virginia. A quick but good educational read.

That should tide you over for the weekend. Hope you enjoy.