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When Chip Kelly was hired there were many writers and analysts who were immediately dismissive he would succeed in the NFL or that his demolishing of the Redskins to start the season was basically a fad. Healthy skepticism is one thing, close minded “hot takes” are another. Kelly’s proven them wrong immediately. After every Eagles win, fans take to Twitter to retweet those who were hilariously wrong. But it can be a taxing exercise having to find those tweets you’ve favorited from over the summer or searching and wading through the ever growing number of ironic tweets that say similar things to what some people actually believe. Now you don’t have to. For your bookmarking pleasure, I have compiled (and will continue to add to) a cornucopia of funny then, hilarious now tweets by media members who think they know everything when they so clearly know so little. You’re welcome.

You were saying?

You were saying?

First, the finest of wines:

And so many others:

Man, Graziano has a lot of these.

That was Brian Kelly and you do not get the benefit of the doubt that you were trying to be funny.

That one’s great because it’s a two for one.

10 days later he says this.

Agreed, but because of Josh Freeman

I’m loving these two for ones.

Fiero had two others but he deleted them. What a hack.

That one is a new favorite.

Basically “be less bad.”



  1. I do love it when the talking heads try and defend themselves on these comments. If you’re going to get paid to make up BS and spew it on twitter and the TV, then you better be able to take the heat when your bold and condescending predictions turn out to be completely wrong. If these guys weren’t so egotistical to be able to admit their own mistakes, I don’t think anyone would have an issue.

    Thanks for fighting the good fight.

    P.S. Graziano is simply the worst. He has zero place writing about the NFC East, let alone any other team in the NFL.

    1. And most of the times, they’ll never admit they were wrong. They will try to rationalize why Chip is being successful and hope that no one remembers them saying it wouldn’t work and he wouldn’t be successful. Thank you Southern Philly for archiving these tweets and calling these fools out.

      I love this.

      1. Read the full Jaws link:

        “I just don’t see NFL passing concepts in this offense. It’s a movement offense by the quarterback, off the run-action, off the read-action. A lot of short, quick passes, dart routes, bubble screens. Very few plays down the field with NFL passing concepts.”


  2. There’s a reason why these national pundits said these things and other didn’t… It’s because they’re idiots and they need to get fired from their respective organizations. Being an Oregon Ducks fan, I knew what would happen. He would start slow and then take off. Foles would be an MVP candidate and the Eagles would lead the league in rushing. Similar results at Oregon as in Philly. #GoDucks #GoEagles

  3. Face it, No one knew if Chip’s philosophy would work at the NFL level. Credit Chip for being adaptable and watch out next year when he figures out the rest of the NFL intracacies. Go Birds!

    1. Chip’s approach has always been 1) objectively understand EVERY aspect (on-field/off-field) of what you are trying to do 2) create a vision of a winning organization 3) explain and teach the vision to every member of the organization 4) objectively understand the odds of every situation on on the field 5) play with the odds in your favor 6) continuously re-evaluate and adjust your understanding of the odds 7) make the opponent defend every possibility on every play 8) score points 9) the goal of the defense is to give up fewer points than the offense scores. Spread offense/zone read/up-tempo were just tools. When he finds better tools, CK will use them.

      With the proper owner, why wouldn’t that translate to winning in the NFL?

  4. This was absolutely incredible. My hat is off to whoever chronicled all these tweets/comments. I knew the national pundits were stupid, I just didn’t know they were this stupid. I can’t wait for Chip and the Eagles to get to the NFC championship game & maybe even the super bowl next year to see what stupidity will spew from their mouths then.

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