Eternity Is A Long Time

The Eagles are on the doorstep of the playoffs, with the Cowboys standing in their way on Sunday night. Win and they are in, but it is not enough to simply defeat the Cowboys. The Eagles need to beat them. In a season full of memories, one more is not too much to ask. MNF opening day destruction of the Redskins, Nick Foles throwing 7 TDs, Shady in the snow and blowing out the Bears on SNF were great. But a loss to the Cowboys would negate all of that. This Sunday night, the 2013 Eagles can live forever by beating Dallas. Because while beating the Redskins or Giants is great, beating the Cowboys is special. The Body Bag Game and Eagles Porn and the Miracles at the Meadowlands are games that we will never forget, but Cowboys games are a different level of schadenfreude that has gone on a long time.

Timmy Brown 2 TDs, Dan Reeves fumbles 6

Well before our time, in 1966 the great Timmy Brown had 2 kick return TDs and then on a drive to win the game, Dan Reeves fumbled and the Eagles won 24-23.

Wilbert Montgomery in 1980

Big time players make big time plays.

Fake Kneel Down (Revenge of the Scabs)

In 1987 the players went on strike but the league kept on going with “scabs.” But the players were not a unified front, and on some teams players crossed the picket line and played, which helped end the strike after 3 games. One of those teams was the Cowboys; Danny White, Tony Dorsett, Randy White and Too Tall Jones among others crossed and played. The Cowboys won 41-22 and Buddy Ryan, always quick to give his players bulletin board material, accused Tom Landry of running up the score. If it was any other coach, Buddy might have been right; but Tom Landry, the last bastion of respectability for the Dallas Cowboys, has more than earned the benefit of the doubt. It did not matter. If Buddy thought it, his players believed it, and he wanted blood in the rematch. Two weeks later, in the first game post-strike, Ryan got his revenge. Up 30-20 late, Randall Cunningham faked a kneel down and drew a pass interference in the end zone. Keith Byers would then run the ball in from the 1 to run the score up to 37-20.

Bounty Bowl

If you do not know this, you are not really an Eagles fan.

11 Sacks

The 1991 Eagles defense was historically great, and that season they laid a beat down on Troy Aikman, sacking him 11 times.

4th and 1

How dumb must you be to run the same play twice after it failed the first time and you got a reprieve.

James Willis and Troy Vincent 104 yard return

This video misses the lateral to Vincent, but the shot of Jerry Jones is worth it.

Pickle Juice Game

The 2000 season onside kicked off with a bang. Duce Staley had 201 rushing yards, Troy Aikman was knocked out of the game and the torch was stolen from the Cowboys by Andy Reid.

McNabb’s 14 second scramble

You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

TO’s return

I love this version of the play because the crowd goes silent while the pass is thrown.

In like a lion and out like, well, a lion, Terrell Owens returned to Philly in 2006 and was public enemy #1. The Eagles held him to 3 catches for 45 yards and Drew Bledsoe threw 3 interceptions, including a 102 yard pick six by Lito Sheppard.

Christmas Day 2006

Later that season, we would get another gift. On 2nd and Goal from the 1, the Cowboys tried to run and failed. On 3rd and Goal from the 1, the Cowboys tried to run and failed. On 4th and Goal from the 1, the Cowboys tried to run and failed. Happy Holidays.

Brian Westbrook Kneels


It is a shame Tony Romo will not be able to be a part of it this year.


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  1. Awesome compilation. I remember the first year my step-dad and I had season tickets to the Eagles in ’88 and Randall brought the Birds back and threw a last second touchdown pass to Anthony Toney. It felt like all 67,000 people who were walking down the concourses at the Vet were chanting “Dallas Sucks”…one of my favorite memories as an Eagles fan.

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