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Matt Carle: Why?

The Flyers may very well re-sign Matt Carle, probably at a high cost too, at least $4.25M putting him in the mid 30s of defenseman in terms of salary, if he gets $4.5M, that puts him in the low 20s. That’s top pairing defenseman money. Even if they miraculously do not sign him, someone else will give him a big pay day. Dennis freaking Wideman just got $5.25 a year and everyone that isn’t Wideman, his family, his agent and Jay Feaster agree: that’s insane.

“Sorry Bob.”

With Kimmo Timmonen, Braydon Coburn, Andrej Meszaros, Nicklas Grossman and the addition of Luke Schenn, the defense will be fine without Matt Carle. Eric Gustafsson and Marc Andre Bourdon have shown enough to earn the 6th/7th defenseman spot with Andreas Lilja’s cap hit. Yes, you could trade Meszaros and then sign Zach Parise, but that’s mismanagement of cap space. You’d have more by letting Carle walk.

Giving Carle a top 30 contract is foolish, he is not a top pairing defenseman. If you think he is, take a moment and clear your mind. (I’m talking to you Paul Holmgren.) Now that you’ve done that, answer this: What does Matt Carle do to justify being paid like a #2 defenseman? I’ll save you the time thinking of the answer, it is:




I can’t even bring myself to rant. Losing to the Devils, an inferior team all season long and going out that pathetically effortless was such a gut punch I can’t form the words. Everyone’s to blame. Claude Giroux was god on skates against Pittsburgh, then he vanished like a ghost against the Devils. Ilya Bryzgalov completely shit the bed, meanwhile his replacement in Phoenix is making a great case for the Conn Smythe. Matt Carle can fall off the face off the earth as far as I’m concerned. Danny Briere’s offense came in spurts while his defense was consistently awful. Scott Hartnell barely showed up. Peter Laviolette got out-coached. Jaromir Jagr looked like a retiree. Wayne Simmonds and Max Talbot were invisible. The list could on. It was, in a word, embarrassing.

And now we have a whole off-season to see what stupid moves Paul Holmgren makes again this year on his own and what moves Ed Snider forces him to make. It should be interesting at the least.

STFU Marty

When Danny Briere scored the game winner yesterday, Martin Brodeur did what he always does: whined about it to the refs. Anytime there’s any kind of traffic in front, Brodeur is going to bitch about it. Let’s not forget he got the league to change the rules of the game in the middle of the season because Sean Avery was trolling him. Marty, there’s a huge difference between interference and screening. If you’re outside the crease like JVR was, it’s not a penalty. Even children know that.



This is not new territory for Marty. This clip is classic Brodeur whining and some of the worst homerism you’ll ever hear, as Chico Resche admits he wasn’t watching the play but automatically believes that Brodeur is in the right, because he wants to have Brodeur’s babies. Unfortunately for Chico, he’s third in line behind Brodeur’s wife and Brodeur’s wife’s sister.



Cry me a river Marty.

Best Playoff Preview Ever

A lot of people were picking the Penguins to win the Stanley Cup this year. Okay, I can get that, even though they went 2-3-1 against the Flyers in the regular season, with one of those wins being the meaningless season finale. But this article by Penguins homer Dejan Kovacevic is the ultamite in hackery. This man is a professional “journalist.”

It`s been three years since Marc-Andre Fleury slid across to stone Nicklas Lidstrom and Sidney Crosby raised the Stanley Cup on that joyous June 12, 2009, at Joe Louis Arena.

Three long, lousy years.

Everyone around town has been sharing their first-round predictions in recent days. Here`s mine: These Penguins are going to win the Stanley Cup.

And when they do, few of us will even remember how they took out the Flyers.

How’d that work out? And I thought Philly writers were awful. Here’s my favorite part:


OK, we`ll see on this one. Suffice it to say facing the Flyers first should help.


Of the current top performers at the game`s most important position, Fleury is the only one with a ring. That counts.


Now, dump the Flyers in five or six and get on with it. There`s bigger business at hand.

Tee times.

Kovacevic’s such a hack that five days later he wrote this. What a clown.

Good vs Evil

It’s not often the Flyers get the entire league behind them. It’s really only happened once before, and it wasn’t because of the Flyers but because of their universally despised opponent. Supremely talented and supremely hateable, that opponent was a team you couldn’t avoid but never liked. It was up to the Flyers to defeat The Evil Ones. It happened in 1976, when the Flyers were the league’s, the nation’s… the free world‘s last chance to defeat the evil USSR hockey team. And it’s happening again, against a force more evil than that:


Ilya Bryzgalov vs the Media

It hasn’t been a good week for Flyers reporters. A week ago, Chris Pronger took a stick to the face that had everyone watching thinking the same thing: “did I just see Pronger’s career end?” An hour passed by and there was no word on his status. The more time that went by, the worse that fear got. No one at home knew if he was still in the locker room or if he was taken to the hospital. Finally, news that he was still in the building and had massive swelling around his eye, preventing a clean diagnosis came. But not by anyone who gets paid to cover the Flyers specifically. Instead the news was broken by Bob McKenzie of TSN and then Mike Brophy of SportsNet, both league wide reporters in Canada. After the game, Brophy again broke the news that Pronger was resting at home and should be okay. The Flyers reporters got beaten in their own house reporting on the team they cover by the visitors. That should never happen. It is their job to get that information first, every reporter in the building that day and their superiors should be embarrassed for getting swept on this coverage. Additionally, it should tell you something about how the Flyers feel about their local media that they gave this information to guys from Canada first.

Today, the bad week only got worse.

Ilya Bryzgalov should do interviews with his helmet on like Ricky Williams used to do.

Ilya Bryzgalov has struggled lately and has decided that he doesn’t want to talk to the media on non-game days. The Flyers say that they ordered it, but I don’t believe that for a second and neither should you. Bryzgalov doesn’t want to talk to the media and the Flyers are saying it’s their decision to protect their player, which they absolutely should do (the protection part). Predictably, and somewhat understandably, the media has reacted to this with outrage. And then while I was writing this, they reversed course. Herman Cain is envious of their ability to say one thing then say the complete opposite only hours later.